Everlasting Brows | YSL PMU/Microblading Eyeliner Pigment


Surprise the clients with bold eyes they always wanted!

A special Eyeliner pigment is now available for designing the eyes of your clients with a rich color. YSL PMU/Microblading Eyeliner Pigment is the winner in highlighting the beautiful eye-look every time you apply it. It has a black hue based on carbon providing the most intense final results.

The highly concentrated formula ensures that each hair stroke should remain crisp. Stable results do not fade into the unwanted tones. Plus, the ingredients are high in quality for improved outcomes.

Outstanding Product Specifications:

  • One bottle has a 10ml quantity.
  • Made of safe formula.
  • High in quality.
  • It provides dark and vibrant bold eyes.

The non-toxic solution does not irritate the delicate skin and qualifies the health standards. The pigment is highly saturated and does not constitute any water.

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