EB | FURLA Microblading Lip Pigment


The perfect pigment for flawless looking Lips!

Introducing FURLA Microblading Lip Pigment from Everlasting Brows - the perfect addition to your professional microblading kit. This pigment is a beautiful beige shade, perfect for adding definition and contouring to your clients' lips.

With a quantity of 10ml in a bottle, this pigment is perfect for multiple applications and is suitable for both contouring and coloring. Its exquisite lip saturation ensures a full, even coverage that your clients will love.

But what sets FURLA Microblading Lip Pigment apart is its versatility - you can use it as is for a beautiful brown or medium-beige result, or mix it with other tints to create your desired shade. And with no added water, you can trust that this pigment is of premium quality and perfect for use in microblading and semi-permanent makeup with machines.

So if you're a microblading professional looking to add a versatile, high-quality pigment to your kit, look no further than FURLA Microblading Lip Pigment from Everlasting Brows. Your clients will love the beautiful, natural-looking results.

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