EB | FERRAGAMO Lip Pigment


The perfect pigment for flawless looking Lips!!

As a microblading professional, it's important to use the best products available to ensure the best results for your clients. That's where Everlasting Brows® | FERRAGAMO Lip Pigment comes in. This fabulous pink color is the perfect all-around lip pigment for a variety of techniques, including contouring and secondary shading.

But what sets this product apart from the competition? The quality is unmatched, with a high-grade formula that ensures long-lasting results. Your clients will love the natural pink tint that stays put for hours on end. And with a generous 10ml of pigment in each bottle, you'll have plenty of product to work with for all of your clients.

Don't settle for inferior lip pigments that don't live up to your standards. Choose Everlasting Brows® | FERRAGAMO Lip Pigment for the best results every time. Your clients will thank you for it!

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