Everlasting Brows | BELINDA Microblading Lip Pigment


Flaming Brown color with our best BELINDA pigment!

We are presenting a pigment that will add a beautiful touch of hot color. The warm colors are popular among people and look more natural. Many people request it from their beauty expert to enhance the tint of their facial features.

BELINDA Microblading Lip Pigment from Everlasting Brows is a collectible that works like magic. While alone, it makes an attractive Flaming Brown tint and also brings the respective warm shade of colors when mixed with others. 

Let’s observe some facts about the products:

  • Quantity(1 Bottle): 10ml.
  • The solution is non-toxic.
  • Color: Brown
  • Easy to apply.
  • Perfect for darker skin tones.
  • High-quality raw ingredients.

We guarantee you lasting results with this stable pigment, and the color will not fade out in unwanted tones.

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