MAB | Lash Cleaning Brush


MAB | Lash Cleaning Brush

Product description

Ensure that your clients have perfectly polished lashes with the My Absolute Beauty® Lash Cleaning Brush. This essential tool is designed specifically for the delicate hair of the eyelashes, with a soft and gentle design that won't damage or disturb the wispy hairs.

The Lash Cleaning Brush is the perfect tool to use before starting any eyelash treatment, as it helps to quickly and easily remove any dust or makeup residue that may be present on the lashes. Its double-tipped design allows for precise work, and the sturdy handle makes it easy to hold and use.

Here are some key features of the My Absolute Beauty® Lash Cleaning Brush:

  • Gentle and effective: The soft, gentle design of the brush is perfect for cleaning the delicate hair of the eyelashes without damaging or disturbing them.

  • Double-tipped for precision: The double-tipped design of the brush allows for precise cleaning, ensuring that every last bit of dust or makeup residue is removed from the lashes.

  • Sturdy handle: The handle of the Lash Cleaning Brush is sturdy, making it easy to hold and use.

  • Black color: The brush is black in color, making it a sleek and professional choice for your makeup toolkit.

Overall, the My Absolute Beauty® Lash Cleaning Brush is an essential tool for any professional looking to provide their clients with perfectly polished lashes. Its gentle, effective design and precision cleaning capabilities make it a top choice for lash cleaning.

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