Everlasting Brows | ARMANI Microblading Eyeliner Pigment


A deep midnight blue color for the captivating eyes!

The tinting treatments have many color options when it comes to lashes and brows. But when it comes to creating the stunning eyeliner look, mostly the dark colors are on the client’s favorite list. The black and dark brown are standard options. But we want to add one more exciting pigment to the collection of beauty specialists.

We offer a rich night blue color with ARMANI Microblading Eyeliner Pigment by Everlasting Brows, and it will add a style to the beautiful eyes. It is perfect for permanent treatments that promise the most extended results without fading.

Remarkable Product Specifications:

  • Quantity: 10ml per bottle

  • Suitable for the machine and manual work

  • Mix perfectly with other Everlasting inks

  • High-quality ingredients

  • No modifier needed

The professionals can use it alone or feel free to mix with others to create the requested color from clients. Formulation of the pigment is safe to use with a non-irritating effect.

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