Did you know there are official National Holidays dedicated to things such as Crocs, bubble wrap, and dogs in politics? With a seemingly endless list of national holidays, it looks as though anything can be -and should be- nationally celebrated. Let’s be honest, we are all glad that Crocs are having their day in the sun… who wouldn’t be? However, it is appalling that we seem to not be celebrating some of the most important things (to beauty professionals, that is). Where’s the celebration for all things beauty? More importantly, where is the celebration for all things lash related? What is the most deserving lash treatment that is entitled to having a day dedicated to reveling in its gloriousness? Let us tell you: Lash lifting.


Creating a New Holiday

We here at My Absolute Beauty couldn’t help but notice the gaping hole in the holiday celebratory practices. Why are we not celebrating the miracle of lash lifting on a national level? If you are anything like us, you agree that we cannot go on like this! Lash lifts have lifted the spirits – and more obviously, lashes – of countless people whose natural lash curl just couldn’t cut it. Lash lifts have been there for the people who crave the perfect natural curve in their lashes. Lash lifts have had yours and millions of other people’s backs. Isn’t it time we had it’s back for once? 


The fact that there is not a day dedicated to lash lifting is a complete travesty. We know that the thought of lash lifting not being celebrated in the way it deserves has probably been keeping you up at night – We’ve lost lots of sleep over it! Luckily, you can rest easy tonight because… *Drum Roll* …. My Absolute Beauty has seized the opportunity to give lash lifting the recognition it rightfully deserves! That’s right, My Absolute Beauty has created an official holiday. Not just any holiday: National #LashLiftDay! *Cue the fireworks*


My Absolute Beauty is thrilled to dub October 27th as National Lash Lift Day! Lash lifting artists across the states, unite! Grab your rods, shields, adhesives, and tweezers because we are going all out! October 27th will forever be known as the day we celebrate the lifting of millions of lashes across the USA. 


The History Behind the New Holiday

We know you’re wondering: Why October 27th? October 27th marks a very important day in My Absolute Beauty’s history. Here’s what happened: On October 27, 2015, Elleebana’s Managing Director Otto Mitter journeyed from Australia to the good old USA. In Las Vegas, a group of lash lifting professionals met for a meeting that would change lash lifting in the United States forever. October 27th marks the day that Elleebana lash lifting training services became available in the United States. From that day forward, stylists of this great nation would have local Elleebana lash lifting trainings available to them for the first time. Lash professionals were finally given the green light to become trainers of Elleebana lash lifting techniques. They were given the knowledge and tools they needed in order to go forth and lashify the nation. 




My Absolute Beauty was thrilled about the ability to train and certify Elleebana lash lift professionals in the USA, and we have had an unparalleled love for the program ever since it began. By declaring October 27th National #LashLiftDay, we are sharing our love for Elleebana lash lifts with the world. We know that many who are trained with Elleebana share our love for the company and the products, so this one’s for you! Our hearts are bursting with gratitude for all who have been involved in our lash lifting programs, and we are ready to properly celebrate!


Since this is the first official National #LashLiftDay, we at My Absolute Beauty have taken it upon ourselves to spread the word and help the celebration begin. We are so excited to start the lash lifting festivities, and we hope that you will join us in celebrating National #LashLiftDay in whatever way you are able. Whether you are a lash stylist, interested in becoming one, or you just love lash lifts, there is a way for you to get involved!


Celebrating National #LashLiftDay as a Stylist:


The best way for lash lifting specialists to celebrate National #LashLiftDay is to spend it doing lash lifts! That seems like a no-brainer, right? It is important that you prepare in advance to have your day filled with customers seeking lifted lashes. Here are a few ways you can promote your services on the holiday:

  • Take the time to create a fun flyer to post on your social media. 
  • Announce the holiday, and invite clients to come and celebrate. 
  • If you can, offer a special discount for those who come to your salon to join in on the festivities. 
  • Create hype around the occasion and invite your clients to make a tradition of it. 
  • Use the hashtag #LashLiftDay to join the conversation and spread awareness.
  • Most importantly: Make it fun!


Stylists, this is your time to highlight the amazing treatment that lash lifts are. 

  • Search through your photos for before and after shots of lash lifts that you have done, and post about it on your social media. 
  • Share your experience with Elleebana lash lifting services, trainings, and tools. 
  • Write up a blog about why you love performing or receiving the lash lifting treatment. 
  • If lash lifting is a big steeple in your salon, give thanks by sharing your story of becoming lash lift certified. 
  • Tell people about how lash lifting has enriched your life. 
  • Long story short: If you have anything lash lift related, use it!


Celebrating National #LashLiftDay as a Prospective Stylist:


If you aren’t a lash lift certified stylist but you are interested in becoming one, what better day to take your first steps than on National #LashLiftDay? My Absolute Beauty is proud to be the official distributor for Elleebana lash lifting supplies in the USA. Elleebana provides the highest quality products on the market, and the results when using their products are unparalleled. We offer trainings and certifications in using Elleebana products and offer continuous support to those who become certified with us. Join the My Absolute Beauty family today! We are always looking to welcome more stylists into our crew. For more information on how to begin your lash lifting journey through My Absolute Beauty, click here.


Celebrating National #LashLiftDay as a Lash Enthusiast:


 If you are not a lash stylist yourself, celebrate Lash Lift Day by getting a lash lift! Lash lifts can work wonders for your lash game. With a lash lift, your natural lashes will always look on fleek. If you are unfamiliar with the process, lash lifting is the perming of the natural lashes. When you receive a lash lift, you will wake up with lashes that are perfectly curled and ready to go. Lash lifts will make your eyes pop. Lash lifting treatments help bring attention back to your eyes with perfectly curled natural lashes that will have others lusting after your look. Seize the opportunity to celebrate Lash Lift Day by trying out the treatment yourself. With the wow-worthy results of a good lash lift, we promise that you will be looking forward to Lash Lift Day for years to come.

To celebrate National #LashLiftDay the My Absolute Beauty way, search for a lash lifting stylist in your area who is Elleebana certified. By finding a stylist who is trained to perform lash lift treatments using Elleebana products, you are ensuring top quality results. For help finding an Elleebana certified lash lift specialist near you, click here.

My Absolute Beauty’s Plans for the Holiday


Get excited! My Absolute Beauty will be celebrating National #LashLiftDay by doing a giveaway! What could possibly be better than winning free stuff? We’ll tell you: Winning free Elleebana lash lift supplies from My Absolute Beauty. Lash artists, if you are looking for the opportunity to try out our lash lifting supplies, this is your chance! Customers and stylists alike are raving about Elleebana’s wide range of lash lifting products. Celebrate in style by treating yourself to the opportunity to wow your clients. Keep an eye on our Social Media pages for details of how you can win big this National #LashLiftDay!


We hope that whoever you are and however you celebrate, you enjoy being a part of the very first National #LashLiftDay. We here at My Absolute Beauty appreciate all of the lash enthusiasts out there, and can’t get enough of their love for our products. We pride ourselves in supplying the best lash lifting supplies available on the market to our lash professionals. Training stylists on the proper techniques and instilling confidence in their abilities is something that My Absolute Beauty loves to do. We adore and appreciate every member of our Elleebana certified family. From the My Absolute Beauty family to yours, happy National #LashLiftDay!


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