Zensa | Topical Anesthetic Cream

$35 – $800

Say Bye to the pain and irritation during and after the beauty treatment!

Everything comes with both good and bad parts. Well! Beauty treatments in the clinic sound professional and transforming, but some are painful throughout and after the complete process. 

No more worries! With the Zensa Topical Anesthetic Cream, a beauty expert can care more about clients' skin. It will help not let the procedure hurt them, and the anti-inflammatory properties will do the positive action. The skincare cream also includes the properties of Vitamin E and antioxidants.

Attention-Grabbing points:

  • It takes around 30 minutes to take effect.

  • It lasts approximately up to 3 hours.

  • It helps in preventing pain or swelling.

  • It also prevents itching due to minor skin irritations from the treatment.

Take care of the clients coming for the makeup treatments from you with the incredible product of Zensa. Wait for some more and check the Tint Developer Cream and Lash & Eyebrow Comb.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
May vang
It works!

This is the only numbing I use for microneedling treatments. It works extremely fast and last throughout the whole treatment. I definitely will be buying again.

Shahad Aljassimi

Thank you so much, works great

Margaret Saas
It works

Used on upper lip

Alisa R

I used Zensa during microneedling, and even though I was 2.5mm on my client's cheeks, my client was nearly asleep. Who falls asleep during microneedling?? She told me she was mentally prepared for the pain, but it never came. Adding in the fact how inexpensive the tube was, I'll definitely be purchasing it again.

Lauren Pickard

Zensa | Topical Anesthetic Cream