InLei® | MINIONS | Micro Brush


InLei® | MINIONS | Micro Brush

Product description

Perfectly defined lashes with fine detailing using correct Micro Brushes!

The hair of the eyelashes and brows is small but is one of the most attractive features. Every client that goes for a lifting or tinting procedure knows that they want their lashes and brows perfect in shape and thicker!

InLei® MINIONS is a collection of micro brushes specially made for doing the fine work correctly. Professionals know that the task needs high concentration to enhance these key features. So, the fine details get done precisely with the right tools. Get InLei® minions today and see the difference InLei® makes from treatment to tools the highest quality matters.

Know about the features these micro brushes have:

  • Perfect for the fine details.
  • It performs well with lash lifting.
  • Great for both the lash and brow tinting.
  • One pack comes with 100 brushes.
  • These are disposable.

Create the look and style that customers love now with the InLei® MINIONS.

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