InLei® | Tweezers | Slanted Tip


InLei® | Tweezers | Slanted Tip

Product description

Smoothly remove all the loose hair from clients’ brows and lashes!

Each technician needs the precision you will get with the InLei® slanted tip tweezers. The creation of each InLei® tool starts with the professional in mind. Your tools are an indication of your abilities and expertise. Don't jeopardize your reputation with second-rate tools or products. Show your clients today that you are serious about your craft and don't compromise on quality. Get your InLei® slanted tip tweezers today! 

Here are some characteristics:

  • Made for the small details.
  • Easy to control and use.
  • Comfortable for removing loose hair.
  • It helps in maintaining brow shapes.

The right tools make your job faster and easier creating greater revenues and happier clients. Start your path to excellence today with InLei® branded tools and the InLei®. slanted tip Tweezers. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Mary Rose
Great tweezers for brow artists

These tweezers are great and they get the hairs easily. They are very comparable to the Tweezerman brand. They are stainless steel so easy to clean and soak in barbicide. In highly recommend these tweezers. Give them a try!

Always use it!

My favorite tweezers so far !

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