EB | BELINDA Microblading Lip Pigment


The perfect pigment for flawlessly natural Lips !

As a professional in the microblading industry, you understand the importance of having high-quality products to ensure the best results for your clients. That's where Everlasting Brows® BELINDA Microblading Lip Pigment comes in.

Not only is this pigment a stunning Flaming Brown color, but it can also be mixed with other shades to create a warm and natural look. With 10ml per bottle, this pigment is easy to apply and perfect for darker skin tones.

But the benefits don't stop there. BELINDA Microblading Lip Pigment is made with high-quality raw ingredients, ensuring that the color will not fade or change tones over time. And with its non-toxic solution, you can have peace of mind knowing that your clients are receiving safe and effective treatments.

So why choose BELINDA Microblading Lip Pigment over the competition? Not only does it provide lasting results, but it also offers a unique and attractive color that is in high demand among clients. And with its easy application and compatibility with darker skin tones, you can confidently offer this pigment as a top choice for your microblading services.

Make the switch to Everlasting Brows® BELINDA Microblading Lip Pigment and give your clients the beautiful, natural-looking results they desire.

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