InLei® | Multifunctional Metallic Tray


InLei® | Multifunctional Metallic Tray

Product description

Get more organized with a multi-use tray!

Focus on performing the treatment while one tray will hold everything for you without messing. The high-quality material gets used to form this equipment. It can carry different products that you need to apply to the clients.

InLei® Metallic Tray is convenient for any beauty procedure, and it is easily washable. The makeup professionals can hold more than one product simultaneously while doing detailed work on the clients.

Superlative Product Details:

  • It has ultra-resistant stainless steel.

  • Comfortable to carry.

  • Multifunctional.

  •  Dimensions: 200mm x 97mm x 10mm

There is no reason to give a second thought about buying this metallic tray. It will add great organization to your desk, plus it does not absorb any tint from the products.

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