Lash and Eyebrow Comb


Quickly separate each strand of the fine lashes and brows

Hair around the eyes is not as strong as the hair on the head. Imagine de-tangling the long hair and how much pain it can give with the wrong comb type. Similarly, the delicate hair strands of lashes and brows need the perfectly designed comb just for them. The metal teeth of Lash and Eyebrow Comb have the exact gap that helps to ease the semi-permanent makeup treatments.

The lift it adds to the brows during the process is impressive, and then the overall feature looks beautiful in the end. Some benefits can make you fall in love with this small comb.

Reasons to fall in love:

  • Effortless glide.
  • Foldable.
  • Ergonomic design.

This small tool can simplify the jobs of beauty professionals, and there are many more makeup items in the collection. Next, check out the Everlasting Micro Brushes and Silicone Mascara Wands.