What is Lash Filler?

If you’ve grown tired of the same-old lash lift routine, it’s time to use lash filler. What is lash filler? Come find out!
What is Lash Filler?

Are you somebody who has been around lash lifting for a while? Lash lifts are a great way to help enhance your lashes' curl and produce natural results, but sometimes it can feel like lash lifting isn't enough. If you've grown tired of the same old lash lifting results, it's time for you to try out lash filler! What is lash filler, you ask? Let's dive into it!

Lash Filler and Lash Lifting

Lash lifting typically has two substances that you place on the lashes. The first substance deconstructs the existing curl, and the second recreates keratin bonds and perm the lashes into a more appealing shape. If all you are doing is a lash lift, your treatment will end here. If you're craving results that kick it up a notch from there, we recommend using lash filler!

What makes lash filler different from lash lifting?

A lash filler treatment is similar to a lash lift in that it will involve deconstructing and reconstructing the curl of your natural lashes. However, lash filler is not just one of the million different lash lifting treatments on the market. It is the only treatment that is also scientifically proven to thicken and nourish the lashes.

The secret to the lash filler process is a third step after you have created your curl. This third step penetrates deep into the hair to nourish and repair any damage and promote growth and longevity. The real hype, though, is that lash filler is scientifically proven to thicken the lashes by up to 24 percent!

How Lash Filler Works

Lash filler uses a combination of thioglycolic acid, and hydrogen peroxide made with high-quality materials. It gently penetrates the hair without damaging the structure. The formulas of the substance work together to ensure stable hair thickening and curling. It is scientifically proven to penetrate and remain in the hair, nourish the bulb, and influence growth by improving the matrix structure.

Benefits of Lash Filler Treatment

Lash filler treatments give awe-inspiring results! Over time, treatments will create dramatic changes in your natural lashes that leave others wondering what your secret is. Some benefits include:

  • Gorgeously natural curl
  • Stronger lashes
  • Thicker lashes
  • Longer lashes

Are you ready to jump on the lash filler train and start getting out-of-this-world results?

Where to buy Lash Filler

So you've heard the hype, and you're ready to get lash filler into your hands. But where do you buy lash filler, and what brand should you trust? My Absolute Beauty has been working with lash lifting and filling products for a long time, and we've got a brand that we positively love. Get ready to meet InLei!

InLei Lash Filler

InLei is an Italian brand that has recently made its way to the US market through My Absolute Beauty. All InLei products are truly stand-out in regards to both quality and results.

Made in Italy

"Made in Italy" is a worldwide stamp of quality in everything from pizza to shoes. This product is no different. Did you know that Italy has some of the world's highest standards when it comes to cosmetic products? Just like the quality we've come to expect from their authentic cuisine, Italian-made cosmetic products stand out above the rest.

Lash Filler Test Results

InLei has put its lash filler through rigorous testing - and it did not disappoint! InLei has been created specifically for the health of the lashes. Each step of the process helps protect and nourish the hair.

In a clinical study, 20 volunteers were given a lash filler treatment once a month for three months. Throughout the tests, it was proven that the diameter of the lashes increased with each treatment. On average, there was a 24 percent increase in lash thickness after three lash filler treatments.

Start Lash Filling Today!

Now that you've become familiar with lash filler, you're ready to start! InLei's entire Lash Filler line is available in single-dose sachets or full-size bottles. Grab a sample to try it out, and once you fall in love, come back for more!

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