7 Tips for Flawless Brow Henna Application

Take your skills to the next level and get the perfect brow henna application using these tips and tricks!

7 Tips for Flawless Brow Henna Application

7 Tips for Flawless Brow Henna Application

Are you ready to take your brow henna application skills to the next level? If you’ve been offering this service for a while and are ready to kick it up a notch, you’ve come to the right place! Get ready to learn brow henna tips and tricks that will kick your results up a notch.

Brow Henna Tips & Tricks

In this blog, we will cover our favorite 7 tips and tricks that will help you achieve flawless brow henna results. These tips and tricks will help you to:

  1. Make it quality
  2. Make it natural
  3. Make it last
  4. Make it crisp
  5. Make it even
  6. Make it blonde
  7. Make it count

If you’re ready to impress your clients with your brow henna skills, then keep reading!

Make it Quality

The first step to getting amazing henna brows is to use the best products! After trying out many different brands, one that sticks out in quality is PurHENNA. My Absolute Beauty carries the entire PurHENNA line!

What Makes PurHENNA Great?

There are lots of brands that you can choose from when it comes to brow henna, but it’s essential that you are getting good quality! Here’s why we love PurHENNA:

  • All-natural henna color
  • Gentle formula
  • Lasts on hair up to 6 weeks
  • Gives tattoo effect that lasts 2-14 days
  • Contains no ammonia or hydrogen peroxide
  • Vegan and cruelty-free

PurHENNA stands out in quality and produces excellent results. Browse My Absolute Beauty’s store to see what you’ve been missing!

Make it Natural

Brow henna is all about being natural! When you think about your brow goals, the odds are that they aren’t all one flat shade. Natural brows have an ombre effect - lighter at the front and darker at the end. One of our favorite brow henna tricks is to achieve an ombre coloring by mastering the application and removal process.

When you begin applying the henna, start at the tail of the brow. This way, the tail will begin processing before the head of the brow. After processing time is almost up, remove a small section at the beginning of the brow. Once it’s time, remove the rest of the henna, and just like that, you’ve got a natural-looking ombre effect!

Make it Last

Everybody wants their brow henna to last as long as possible, right? Brow henna is unique because it not only dyes the brow hairs but also stains the skin beneath the hair. This highly sought-after look can last longer if you follow these brow henna tricks:

  • Properly prep the brows with Brow Shampoo.
  • Process henna for 30-45 minutes.
  • Remove henna once it is dry and flakey.

Beginning your henna application on an adequately prepared brow will help the henna absorb into the skin and create a longer-lasting tattoo effect. If your client's skin is not too sensitive or dry, allowing the henna to remain on the skin longer will create deeper coloring and give a few extra day's life to the tattoo on the skin.

Make it Crisp

One lesson that you've hopefully never had to learn the hard way is that there's nothing worse than a messy brow line. It can take some time, but perfecting your henna brow application to have as crisp lines as possible will take your brow henna results to the moon!

One great way to help keep your henna lines crisp is to map out the brows' perimeter with a good brow paste. Brow paste creates a barrier between the henna and the skin/hair. Wherever you place the brow paste, the henna will not dye. Therefore, brow paste can be a convenient tool to have!

When applying your henna, take extra care along the bottom of the brow. This line is the most defined, and it's easiest to see mistakes along the brow's bottom. Using a small brush can help you get the detail-work done before filling in the rest of the brow. To smooth out the edges, you can dampen the brush. For the top line, don't be afraid to trim up any brow hairs protruding out from the line.

Make it Even

Many missteps can cause your brow henna to be blotchy or uneven when all is said and done. Here are some brow henna tips that will help you avoid the dreaded uneven brow stain:

  • Allow your henna mixture to sit for a few minutes before applying to the skin to promote better development.
  • Begin your application with a thin first layer, and then go back over with a thicker second coating.
  • Avoid the use of mascara wands during and shortly after the removal process.
  • Use massaging motions to lift the henna from the brows.

Make it Blonde

When it comes to brow henna applications, blonde can be one of the hardest colors to achieve - but don't fret! These brow henna tricks will help you get the perfect results!

Use a shorter processing time on a darker color: Select a shade 1-2 shades darker than the color you are going for and remove it before it gets dark. Using this technique, you will achieve a gorgeously natural-looking blonde.

Add a dash of black henna to your blonde henna mixture: Give your blonde henna an extra kick by adding a small amount of black henna to your mix. The black henna will help the blonde process better.

Light and airy application along the top of the brow: By applying the henna to the top of the brow this way, you will achieve a more natural-looking blonde effect.

Make it Count

Keeping clients coming into your salon and attracting new ones is always an important goal for brow artists. Our final brow henna tip is always to take photos of your work to share on your social media platforms - with the client's permission, of course! Below are some tips to take professional-looking photos:

  • Ensure the lighting is the same across all images.
  • Size the pictures the same.
  • Frame the brows to be the same size in the series of images.
  • Position the brows the same in all of the photos.

With time, you will build up an album of your work to impress prospective clients!

Achieve the Best Brow Henna Results

In summary, you can achieve fantastic brow henna results by following our 7 brow henna tricks:

  1. Use a quality brand (We recommend PurHENNA).
  2. Master the art of creating a natural ombre.
  3. Make the results last longer.
  4. Create crisp lines
  5. Evenly apply the henna
  6. Perfect the skill of creating blondes.
  7. Document your progress and share results with prospective clients.

If you implement these tricks into your brow henna applications, you are sure to notice an improvement! Be sure to download our convenient PDF to keep these tricks at your fingertips. While you're there, check out the PurHENNA line and fall in love!

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