What is Brow Bomber?

Warning: The product you are about to be introduced to could cause chronic addiction to beautiful brows!
What is Brow Bomber?

Light Lashes Academy Founder Tatiana Scherbyna explains the benefits of Brow Bomber in a recent article. Let's dive into what she had to say about the brow lamination line that's swiftly gaining popularity across the world.

Warning: The product you are about to be introduced to could cause chronic addiction to beautiful brows!

The Importance of the Brows

It's a common belief that it can be easy to forget precisely what is said and done in an encounter, but it's hard to ignore the emotions and expressions of the faces you see. The eyebrows play a fundamental role in face recognition and have the critical task of highlighting every emotion and mood.

Through the movements of the eyebrows, words are often not needed!

Every brow artist aspires to bring out all the distinguishing features of an eyebrow to make a face more beautiful and give the eyes a properly framed look. Today we will talk about an incredible innovation in the lash laminating world: Brow Bomber.

What is Brow Bomber?

Brow Bomber is an eyebrow treatment that aims to make natural brows more beautiful, defined, tidy, nourished, and easier to maintain at home - Every woman's dream!

Brow Bomber is a complex treatment for professional use by beauticians who have attended at least one professional eyebrow lamination course.

Brow Lift Solution

The first InLei® BROW LIFT solution - Lift 1 - is intended to prepare the brow's hair to modify and improve its shape and direction.

The best minds in the industry have thought about making this product suitable for this delicate process, and the best chemists in cosmetology have made it all possible!

Safe for Skin 

While perming eyebrows, it is not possible to remain distanced from the skin. For this reason, InLei® Brow Lift is suitable for contact with the skin. Furthermore, its density is specially designed not to drip and to carry out the entire treatment with the client seated!

Brow Lock Solution

The second solution, InLei® BROW LOCK, interacts perfectly with the first substance and works quickly. 5 to 7 minutes is all it takes for this solution, and the eyebrows have been locked into shape!

Brow Bomber Treatment

InLei®'s 3-step Brow Laminating treatment ends with the crown Jewel: InLei® BROW BOMBER - nourishing butter for eyebrows. Brow Bomber treatment contains the following ingredients:

  1. Macadamia oil: Helps balance the production of sebum while nourishing and hydrating the hair without weighing it down. 
  2. Argan oil: Hydrates, neutralizes free radicals, gives softness and silkiness. Repairs dry, brittle, and lackluster hair.
  3. Almond oil: Nourishing and emollient properties make the hair soft, bright, and nourished. 
  4. Marigold lipo extract: healing, anti-irritant, antiseptic. Soothes irritated skin and normalizes the production of sebum. 
  5. Chamomile flower extract protects against external aggressions, is a potent anti-inflammatory, and protects against allergies.

What Makes Brow Bomber Special?

Brow Bomber has expanded the vision of eyebrow styling. It's a complete professional treatment based on delicate perming, hair coloring, and nourishment. InLei® revolutionary brow lamination treatment is the only brow treatment globally to scientifically promote thicker hair growth by up to 24% in only three treatments.

Brow Bomber nourishes the hair and makes brow hair visibly fuller. It has many professional-grade ingredients to restructure the hair without weighing it down, soothe the skin, and restore damaged hair. In terms of brow lamination, Brow Bomber takes it to the next level!

Get Brow Bomber Now!

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