Eyelash Service Aftercare

People put their eyelashes through all sorts of cosmetic treatments that enhance their natural beauty, including lash lift, extensions, and eyelash tinting. All of these treatments can put stress on your natural lash hairs and, without proper aftercare treatment, can cause damage to your lashes. Fortunately, at My Absolute Beauty, we arm our certified beauty professionals with the tools to promote healthy lashes. What’s better is all of our lash aftercare products can also be used on eyelashes that haven’t had any beauty services completed but are damaged due to other causes. Conditions that can damage your eyelashes and could benefit from aftercare include:

  • Wearing makeup to sleep
  • Curling lashes with mascara on or using a heated curler
  • Eye rubbing or harsh scrubbing
  • Using expired makeup
  • Removing glued on falsies
  • Regularly wearing waterproof mascara
  • Sharing mascara
  • Dehydration and poor nutrition
  • Underactive thyroid
  • Hormonal changes

Join us in today’s post as we discuss a few of the products we offer to help your lashes recover and grow.

Elleeplex Clear Mascara

Elleeplex Clear Mascara is a product that can be used after an eyelash service for recovery or can be used daily to condition and nourish the eyelash hairs. Packed full of protein, amino acids, and vitamin complex, this aftercare mascara restores hair proteins and speeds up cell regeneration and increases moisture levels. When used after lash lift or tint, Elleplex Clear Mascara can help give longer-lasting results. Because this mascara is clear, you can easily use it over tinted lashes without covering the richness of the tint color or you can use it under mascara to protect the lashes from the mascara.

Elleevate Keratin Mascara

Elleevate Keratin Mascara is specially formulated to be used as an everyday mascara after a lash lift. The keratin formula enhances the effects of a lash lift and enhances or creates lift and curl. The rich mascara contains keratin, arginine, and biotin that strengthens the natural lash and plays an important role in healing the hair and promotes the healthy growth of new lashes. If your lashes are damaged from lash services, over-styling, or just require a little TLC, use Elleevate Keratin Mascara daily.

Elleeplex ReGEN

Elleeplex ReGEN is a plant-based eyelash protection system that can be used during or after an eyelash beauty service or as a stand-alone lash treatment. Elleeplex ReGEN eyelash conditioning includes amino acids, fatty acids, and flower, bark, root, and fruit extracts that nourishes, conditions, and promotes healthy hair growth. The special formula combats against premature hair loss and protects the hair against damage, while relieving stress and healing damaged hair. Similar to hair conditioner, simply apply Elleeplex ReGEN to the lashes and leave on for up to 5 minutes before completely rinsing away, revealing hydrated and healthy lashes.

My Absolute Beauty Organic Lash and Brow Boost

My Absolute Beauty Organic Lash and Brow Boost is the most advanced eyelash repair formula. The treatment repairs damaged or broken eyelashes with natural oils and silk peptides. The ingredients moisturize, replenish, repair, and revive lashes while eliminating dryness and adding shine and softness. This formula is specially formulated to be used during the lash lift treatment. This product should not be overused but can be used after an eyelash service to help the hair recover and grow healthy.

Belma Remove

Belma Remove Eye Makeup Remover is the first step in eyelash protection. Makeup and facial products can damage lash hair and can cause chemical stress during eyelash treatments if not completely removed. Belma Remove is a gentle and effective eye makeup remover that prepares and cleans the lashes to completely remove mascara without damaging the hair. Leftover mascara, especially waterproof mascara, prevents the lashes from being hydrated. This eye makeup remover is especially useful to clean eyelashes both before and after eyelash services to allow for full treatment absorption.

Aftercare Pack

The Aftercare Pack is the complete eyelash aftercare collection! This aftercare kit features a detailed aftercare card with exanations of best practice and how to use the products, Elleebana Elleeplex Clear Mascara, Belma Remove eye makeup remover, and lash brushes, all inside an adorable makeup bag. This aftercare collection is designed to help repair lashes and help your eyelash service last longer. If you pamper yourself with eyelash services, finish the pampering with the best aftercare.

At My Absolute Beauty, we aim to prepare our beauty professionals as well as their clients for successful lash and brow services. By keeping the eyelash hair healthy, we believe that we can enhance natural beauty and retain loyal lash lift, eyelash extensions, and lash tint clients. For all of your eyelash care and service supplies, visit our online beauty supply shop today.

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