Performing Multiple Brow Treatments at Once

Should you perform a brow lamination, tint, or henna treatment in the same sitting? Let's take a look!

Performing Multiple Brow Treatments at Once

Hey there, beauty gurus! With the onslaught of the summer months, it's normal for everyone to start trying to cut back on their beauty routine, push aside their makeup, and opt for longer-lasting treatments. Clients entering your salon are often looking for ways to make their day-to-day beauty look convenient and fresh. 

There are many treatments that you can offer your clients who want to wake up to beautiful brows. Brow henna, brow tinting, and brow lamination treatments are all the rage for the season, but do you have to choose just one? Let's look at how brow henna, brow tint, and brow lamination can work together!

Brow Henna

Brow henna has rapidly gained popularity in the past few years. It is an excellent choice for clients who want a natural brow but aren't quite ready to commit to treatment as long-lasting as microblading.

What is Brow Henna

Brow henna is plant-based; it is a natural, vegan alternative for sensitivities or those who prefer the skin stain finish throughout their brow. Henna provides a coating on the hair's shaft and the top layers of the hair cuticle. As the brow cuticle has a scale-like texture, the coating smooths out the finish, giving thicker, smoother, and softer brows. 

The Best Brow Henna Products

There are many choices on the market for your brow henna needs, but PurHENNA stands out from the crowd! PurHENNA colors are rich and long-lasting. You can easily mix them to create the perfect brow match for every client in your salon. 

PurHENNA products are available for purchase through My Absolute Beauty, along with a free training course that will help ensure exceptional results! Get familiar with the entire PurHENNA line by clicking here.

Brow Tinting

Brow tinting quickly transforms your client's face with vibrant, youthful eyes enhanced by dark, full, thick brows. It's the perfect treatment for clients that want their brows to pop but still have a natural shape and texture. As a beauty professional, you know that no service menu is complete without brow tinting!

What is Brow Tinting?

Brow tinting is the process of dying the eyebrows with a semi-permanent dye. It is done in a very similar way to what would be used by a hairdresser. The goal is to define the shape and enhance the look of the brow. 

The Best Brow Tinting Products

If you offer lash and brow tinting services, you need the highest quality products. My Absolute Beauty carries the full InLei® tint line, including rich colors, applicator tools, and accessories to make your job a breeze.

Brow Lamination

Brow lamination came on the beauty scene relatively recently, but its popularity has spread like wildfire! Clients that crave a natural-looking and neat brow love the look of brow lamination. Offering this new service in your salon can help your clientele grow to new heights.

What is Brow Lamination?

The easiest way to describe brow lamination is by calling it a perm for the brows. Brow lamination breaks down and then rebuilds the disulfide bonds of the brows to encourage them to lay smooth and straight. Brow lamination is ideal for clients who want to tame their brows into a fuller, neater feature.

The Best Brow Lamination Products

Just like with brow henna, the options that you have for brow lamination products are copious. It would be best if you took the time to find one that stands on its own. Good News! We've already found it for you: InLei®'s Brow Bomber line is just what you're looking for!

InLei® Brow Bomber not only tames the brows, but it is the only brow lamination treatment on the market that is scientifically proven to lengthen and strengthen the lashes. Leave the lashes looking healthier than ever before when you put your trust in InLei®. InLei®'s Brow Bomber line is available for purchase through My Absolute Beauty. 

Should You Perform Multiple Brow Treatments at Once?

For clients who would love to see the benefits of multiple brow treatments at once, it can be tempting to offer the client multiple brow services in one sitting. While this might make scheduling easier for both of you, it can have disastrous results if not done correctly. So, what's the big secret? Spoiler: It's the brand of products that you use.

Primary Concern: Chemical Reactions

It is not advised to use tints or henna coloring together with a perm. While cosmetic products are typically tested for safety before hitting the market, they are rarely tested in conjunction. On their own, the treatments are safe for the brow. When treatments are carried out close to one another, there is a higher risk of the ingredients reacting and creating damage to the hair.

InLei®'s got you covered!

It can be challenging to get a client on board for multiple salon visits for various brow treatments. Being able to offer brow tint and brow perm at the same time as one another would not only make your client happier, but it will put you above the competition! 

At the moment, InLei® is the only dye designed explicitly for lamination treatment. Using InLei® Brow Bomber (Lamination) and InLei® Brow Tints in conjunction with one another will not damage the hair for the following reasons:

  • InLei® Tints are tested, and they have been specifically designed for this process.
  • They contain Argan Oil that restores the hair structure.
  • Filler 3 contains molecules able to reconstruct the internal structure, and it facilitates the proliferation of keratin molecules.
  • Brow Bomber butter contains oils and extracts that nourish the hair, protect it, and restores its structure.

Conclusion: You can use InLei® Brow Bomber with InLei® Brow Tints because they were specifically formulated to work together and have continuously proved to provide results that do not overly damage the hair.

Brow Henna and Brow Lamination

Since brow henna and brow tinting are so similar, it is not likely that a client would need both treatments. This leaves us wondering if brow henna and lamination can be performed in one sitting.

When it comes to brow henna and brow lamination, it is not recommended to do them at the same time for the following reasons:

  • Hydrogen Peroxide (a common ingredient in the perming solution) can alter henna, harm the hair follicles, and even cause growth to stop entirely.
  • Ammonium Thioglycolic (Also found in the perming solution) swells the hair structure, making it fragile. The large henna molecule trying to enter the hair structure would lead to damage.
  • Since henna is activated with water, it absorbs most of the liquids of the hair, drying it in depth.

The process of Henna coloring is safe for healthy hair, but it would cause severe damage to recently laminated hair. Both henna and lamination treatments have a significant influence on the hair structure, so they need to be performed at least 20 days apart from one another. Otherwise, the hair will become too fragile and break easily.

Safely Perform Multiple Brow Treatments

Long story short, Brow henna, tinting, and lamination are all great treatments, but you've got to be careful about doing them together! Here's the takeaway:

  1. As far as henna goes, it's all about the timing. Make sure to wait 20 days after the brow lamination to apply henna. PurHENNA® is a great option to stock in your salon and is available through My Absolute Beauty.
  2. With tinting, it's all about what brand you use! InLei® offers you a great option to do a brow lamination and tint in one sitting. 

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