Networking As A Beauty Professional (Without It Feeling Slimy!) (Part Two)

Bring intention and connection to the next beauty networking event you attend!


In part one, we talked about the underbelly of networking events and trade shows — about the awkwardness and forced interactions, but it doesn’t have to be this way. 


At My Absolute Beauty, we’re helping beauty professionals navigate networking intentionally and with a genuine connection. Follow along in today’s blog and learn additional tips to make your next beauty tradeshow one for the books!

All The Right Moves: What To Do At Your Next Trade Show


In our previous post, we began navigating this notion of authenticity and connection with talking with intention and being the helper when you attend these beauty events. Let’s dive right back in and continue with more below!


Give people the gift of presence. 


You know what’s super annoying, people who can’t be present when they’re talking to you — eye contact people, it’s a lost art. We’re calling out the people who not-so-slyly look at their phones or smart watches or just nod blankly to anything you’re saying. 


Instead, listen and engage fully, without plotting your next move or think about what you’re going to say. Active listening is a real skill you should sharpen! 


Your presence says everything about you — good presence makes you more trustworthy and just a better human being. When you give people your time and attention they feel seen and heard, and this is just one way to network better!


Don’t think in terms of “gimmes”


Everyone wants to reap the benefit of those who shine — it’s infectious. We want to be around the latest and greatest in hopes that they will help or promote us in some way, and this is the “gimme.” 


While it’s fine to learn and ask these people for advice, it’s also important to make connections with those who may be just establishing themselves. Everyone has something to offer, so make the effort to engage with relationships that may be more long-term, rather than the short term “gimmes.” 


Don’t be the usual suspect.


How dry is it to ask the same mundane questions over and over such as “what is your beauty specialty,” “how long have you been in the beauty industry,” or “have you added lash lifts?” All of these are trite and you’re really not original! 


Instead, ask better questions to learn more about the individual. Ask about hobbies or what people are really into because when we talk about our passions it can put everyone at ease and give a glimpse into the real person you’re talking to.  


Asking people for advice is also another great way to make a connection. Ask them about any new and useful tips for a lash lift or what kind of social media marketing they do to promote their business. 


Mean what you say.


When we’re engaged in a conversation because they can be a bit awkward, we tend to say yes to things out of guilt or obligation and this is bad for everyone. So, mean what you say if you agree to meet up for coffee or drinks — it’s about the follow-through. If you don’t feel comfortable with what is being asked, pause and either politely respond with “no” or “let me think on that.”   


You don’t have to say yes to everything that is asked of you and don’t do it just to appease or be nice. The issues and a part of your character are exposed when you say yes and don’t follow through. Respect is lost and that is something difficult to gain back. 


Follow up!


You know all the amazing connections you made at the beauty trade show? Follow up and take action immediately. Once you get home, debrief and then start sending emails or even thank you notes to those you connected with. 


It’s one thing to add a person on social media but it says much more and better builds relationships when you send them a quick note. 


Spend your energy wisely!


Don’t get FOMO for all the beauty events, and remember, you don’t have to go to every one! Make time for the ones you’re really interested in and ditch the rest! Going to every single event is exhausting and can zap your energy, which is good for no one, so spend your energy on the beauty events that really matter. 


There are so many ways you can show up authentically to your next beauty tradeshow by being present and actively listening, asking engaging questions, and following through. 


Tackle your next tradeshow and shine with connection and building a beauty business that is authentic!


For more information on our online classes and lash lift products, browse our website today! 


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