3 Super Easy Ways to Launch Your Beauty Career

Are you a budding artist waiting for your big break in the beauty industry? Chasing the dream at all costs is what leads people to refer to us as starving artists. Kick this term to the curb and make your...

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Are you a budding artist waiting for your big break in the beauty industry? Chasing the dream at all costs is what leads people to refer to us as starving artists. Kick this term to the curb and make your dreams a reality when you launch your beauty career to the next level.

Chances are you had those (seven or eight) girls in beauty school who wanted to be a cosmetologist to the stars — don’t we all? But, the difference between those who make it and those who end up miserable in another field is drive. The truth is, we don’t all get to work on the Kardashians and there is no way to build a portfolio of stars when you refuse to look for them.

Those who reached the stars are the ones who stretched hard enough. Look for the more attainable stars — local dance performance companies, theaters, beauty pageants, and drag shows. Use the local talent to showcase your looks and practice your craft. When you have people asking these stars “who did your face?” and you are the answer, success will follow.

Realistically, we are all diamonds in the rough, waiting to be picked. But, the truth is, you can’t sit around hoping to be plucked, you have to create your own shine. Follow along in today’s post as we give you three super easy ways to elevate your beauty career.

Social Media

Okay, we are all on social media, sure. The problem is when you are trying to make it big while also sharing all your bitchy posts and booze cruise recaps. Beauty professionals are just that — professional. Present yourself the way you want your business represented, after all, you are your business! Take a look at your current social media profile. Do your prospective clients have to search through pic after selfie of you and your friends making out, sweaty at the bar, or flipping the camera off? Probably not the best way to invite them to trust you with their face.

Use your social media wisely. Take every post as a job interview. If the manager for a star was to look at your social media and only got the most recent snapshot, would they hire you? Post those selfies of perfectly done hair and makeup, tag your gorgeous friends. Leave your personality on your social media, but don’t make people search for your talent.

Better yet, make a social media account just for your beauty industry pics. Post before and after pics, share products you use, post updates and appointment openings. Never start drama on your business page or speak poorly of anyone, otherwise, you’ll have your followers wondering if you say the same about them. Build your business up without tearing others down. Become a social influencer on your own social media platform.

Get Certified

Certification, like school, isn’t necessarily about what you know how to do, but shows a dedication to your practice and your willingness to continue learning after you already know. It is kind of like having a college degree and working alongside someone who doesn’t. You may both know the same information and be able to equally perform the required skills of the job, but on both a resume and when looking for tiebreakers for promotion or advancement, the degree is a leg up. The same is true when your prospective clients are attempting to decide between you and your competition.

Good training can offer you some valuable skills or refresh your current skills to today’s latest trends. The world of beauty is continually evolving and what is in today, maybe out tomorrow. Stay on top of the game and ahead of your competition by getting certified.

Certification allows you to be an authorized distributor for some of the top names in the industry, something you can add to your skill list and marketing efforts. For example, when you take a lash lift course with My Absolute Beauty, you become certified and can market that you are a My Absolute Beauty professional. Your clients will then be able to find you on the MAB and websites as a trained professional near them and you’ll have access to products and marketing items that others do not.

Getting certified also gives you a leg to stand on in pay negotiations. You don’t have to be the cheapest in the area, because you have certified proof from the industry’s leaders that you have the skill your clients are looking for. People get what they pay for and your talents are worth being compensated for. Plus, you’re backed by a certificate that proves it!

Get Involved

You will never find success grinding the 9 to 5 in your salon. Your big break is not going to find you on social media. Getting your name and your face out there and into the community will open doors you cannot find in your own room. Mingle, schmooze, or find a few gigs that get you out of your daily routine and closer to the limelight.

Try volunteering your services. Offer makeovers to your local Scout troop, at the local pageant or talent show. Volunteer your time at the local battered women’s or homeless shelters providing makeovers to those who need it most.

Attend expos and tradeshows to gain insight into the industry and meet other people in the biz. The more people see your face and hear your name, the more they are likely to remember it. Whether this gains you a few more regular clients or lands you an interview with a star, follow wherever your path takes you. The only opportunities you miss are the ones you stayed home for. Check out local beauty events near you and make a presence.

At My Absolute Beauty, we are so much more than a beauty supply store. We are a community of beauty professionals helping to build the industry. We are actively involved in the careers of those who approach us for help and we offer training and events to bring like-minded people together. If you are looking for a way to launch your beauty career, visit us online to find a training or event near you and get certified as an authorized distributor of the world’s best beauty products.

The post 3 Super Easy Ways to Launch Your Beauty Career appeared first on My Absolute Beauty.

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