InLei Shields: The Best Lash Lift Tools on the Market

Have you considered the possibility that the best lash lift tool isn't a lash lift rod? InLei shields will make you question ever picking up a rod again. This blog will go over a Lash lift rod or shield size guide to leave your client looking beautiful every time.
InLei Shields: The Best Lash Lift Tools on the Market

There is an ongoing debate in the lash lifting universe: What's the best lash lift rod? To answer that question: What if the best lash lift tools are shields? InLei shields are here to put this debate to rest!

Over 60 years of manufacturing experience led to the creation of InLei's superior silicone shields. This blog will go over why InLei shields are the best lash lift shields on the market, and provide a lash lift rod size guide.

InLei - Best Lash Lift Tools

If you're looking for the best lash lift rod, keep reading - your mind is about to be changed! You're about to learn why InLei shields are the best lash lift "rod" on the market.

Over 60 years of manufacturing experience led to the creation of InLei's superior silicone shields. With various sizes to choose from and high-quality silicone construction, these shields will give you beautiful, lifted lashes that last. 

What is InLei?

InLei is an Italian company that thrives on raising the bar of excellence regarding lash lift tools and more. InLei's revolutionary Lash Filler treatment is made successful by its unsung hero - the exclusively designed shields that knock it out of the park.

For real, though: These shields will make you want to take your old "best lash lift rod" and kiss it goodbye!

InLei starts with research when creating any new product. Every InLei product is made this way: by experts, for experts! They listen to the needs of lash lifters and use that information to develop products that meet those needs.

InLei Lash Lift Shields

InLei shields are a completely new concept in lash lifting because of their handpicked design. A firm makes them with nearly 60 years of expertise making silicone goods - and the results speak for themselves! InLei's engineers worked together to create custom molds for their lash lift instruments.

Let's dive into the expectations for the best lash lift rod and shields and how InLei lash lift tools meet and exceed each one.

The Best Lash Lift Rod or Shield

Any lash lift rod or shield should at least:

  1. Stay in place
  2. Prevent any formula from coming into contact with the skin
  3. Not cause discomfort to the client
  4. Create an esthetically pleasing lift

InLei shields check all of those boxes - and then some!

Why Use InLei Shields?

We get it; there are quite a few other lash lift tools in the sea. Here's what makes InLei so unique:

  1. InLei Shields are made of high-quality silicone that is gentle on the skin.
  2. They have a variety of sizes to choose from, so you can find the perfect fit for your client's lashes.
  3. InLei Shields are easy to clean and can be reused multiple times.
  4. They create a beautiful, lifted lash look that lasts.

What Makes InLei Shields the Best

After years of research, a unique design for each eye was created that slowly gets thinner as it nears the inner corner of the eye. This allows for a more precise lift and a more pleasing overall result.

InLei lash lift shields are:

-Made from non-deformable, 100% platinum silicone.

-Available in Natural or Dolly curve options.

-Exclusively designed with tapered inner corners.

-Easy to clean.


-Able to stay on during a lash tint.

InLei has put a lot of thought into the details of the product to stand out from the competition.

Lash Lift Rod or Shield Size Guide

There are different shapes and sizes of InLei shields to find the perfect shape for each client. InLei has created two separate lines of curl shapes in their shields: Natural and Dolly. The Natural line is ideal for those with straight lashes, while the Dolly line is perfect for those with already curly lashes.

Only1 Natural Lash Lift Shields

InLei's line of "natural" curling shields come in sizes S1-XXL1. These shields create a bend at the root of the lash, resulting in a stunning but natural-looking lift of each lash.

InLei Only1 Natural Curl Size Guide

S1- Gives even the smallest of lashes some life.

M1- Gives medium to small lashes a natural yet visible curl.

L1- Gives medium to long lashes a lovely little boost.

XL1- Gives long lashes a noticeable and consistent curl.

XXL1 - Gives extra-long lashes a noticeable curl. Created by InLei to accommodate incredible lash lengths achieved through Lash Filler 3.

Dolly Lash Lift Shields

InLei's line of "dolly" curling shields come in sizes S-XXL. These shields create a bend at the belly of the lash instead of the root, which gives a rounded, doll-like curve.

InLei Dolly Curl Size Guide

S- This size is perfect for even the shortest of lashes.

M- This size is excellent for small to medium length lashes.

L- This size accommodates medium to long length lashes beautifully.

XL- This size can handle long natural lashes effortlessly.

XXL - This size is specially designed for extra-long lashes. Created by InLei to accommodate incredible lash lengths achieved through Lash Filler 3.

When to Use Which Shield

The natural line of the lashes can help you choose which line of shield to use. You'll also want to consider the shape and set of the eyes. You will use dolly if the eyebrow droops down close to the lash line.

Pro Tip: You can go up a size to get more space between the skin and lash when working with deep-set eyes. Don't be afraid to switch rod sizes to get your curl further or deeper from the brow line. Use extra care when applying your product so that the lashes do not get curled too far back in the direction of the skin.

For protruding eyes, never use dolly curl. Always go with Only1 natural shield. 

Where to Get InLei Lash Lift Shields

InLei's entire Line of Lash Lift Shields is available through My Absolute Beauty

Combo box - Each box contains four pairs of different sizes (S, M, L, XL.) Each size is available for individual purchase or grouped as below:

The TOTAL package - receive all eight pairs of shields in one convenient place.

Once you and your customers are hooked on InLei lash filler and start to see your results, be sure to come back for your XXL and XXL1 rods!

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