Brow Lamination Without Cling Wrap

Meet the product that makes brow lamination without cling wrap possible! InLei Brow Bomber changes the game.
Brow Lamination Without Cling Wrap

It's no secret that big, bold brows are having a moment. And while there are several ways to achieve the desired look, one of the most popular methods is brow lamination.

Lamination essentially involves straightening the brow hairs with a solution and then fixing them in place. Many times, these solutions are held in place with cling wrap. While this technique can produce great results, it can also be quite messy and even harmful if not done correctly.

Fortunately, there's an alternative: InLei Brow Bomber. This 3 step treatment contains everything you need to achieve the perfect brows, no cling wrap required! Apply the formulas as directed and sit back and relax while they do all the work. In just minutes, you'll have perfectly defined brows.

For a deeper look at why cling wrap is going out of style, keep reading!

Cling Wrapping During Brow Lamination

As beauty trends come and go, one thing remains constant: the quest for perfect brows. And while there are several ways to achieve this look, one of the most popular methods is Brow Lamination.

If you've ever had your brows laminated, you know the drill: Cling wrap is applied to keep the product in place while it works its magic - That's the way it's always been. But what if I told you that there's a new product that doesn't require cling wrap?

Why you Shouldn't use cling Wrap for Brow Laminations

When brow lamination first became a trend, it was customary for stylists to use lash lamination serum and cling wrap to achieve the effect. However, there were a few problems with this method.

First of all, the original formulas from China were often watery and had varying percentages of active ingredients. This made it difficult to achieve consistent results.

Secondly, using cling wrap creates heat, which can accelerate the action of the substances used in Brow Lamination and potentially cause skin irritation and even burns.

InLei created Brow Bomber to solve these problems. Their products are specifically designed to stay in place, and they are consistently functional due to their uniform formulation.

InLei Brow Bomber - The New Way to Laminate Your Brows

Now that we know all of the reasons you shouldn't use cling wrap for Brow Lamination let's look at the new and improved way to achieve perfect brows: InLei Brow Bomber.

InLei's Brow Bomber Trio is formulated to stay in place and work without cling wrap, making your brow lamination experience more straightforward and efficient. Not to mention, it's gentle on the skin and easy to use. So why not ditch the cling wrap and give InLei's Brow Bomber a try?

Benefits of InLei Brow Bomber

InLei Brow Bomber is a lash lamination trio that is scientifically proven to thicken brows over time. It is specifically formulated so that you don't have to use cling wrap - the entire treatment can be done with the client sitting upright. InLei Brow Bomber contains three steps: Brow Lift 1Brow Lock 2, and Brow Bomber 3.

Lift 1 and Lock 2 work together to shape the brow hairs and lock them in place. Brow Bomber 3 nourishes lashes and promotes growth. So if you're looking for a product that can help you achieve thick, full brows, look no further than InLei Brow Bomber!

The Brow Bomber Trio and Tint:

  1. Nourish the brow hairs
  2. Shape the brow
  3. Protect the hair
  4. Tints the skin and hair
  5. Makes hair manageable
  6. Fills in sparse brows over time

It isn't easy to imagine that one brand could be the answer to all of your brow goals, but let's look at these outcomes that speak for themselves!

Brow Bomber Results

Every woman deserves to feel beautiful, and who wouldn't feel like a goddess with eyebrows like these?! My Absolute Beauty's collection of brands and products are designed to give you the best results with continuing benefits from repeated use.

InLei is a brand that provides high-quality, easy-to-use eyebrow lamination products. Their mission is to help you achieve the perfect brows - and so much more.

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InLei Brow Bomber & Tint Procedure

The process is straightforward even if you've never used an InLei Brow Bomber and Tint before. Each instrument was designed to perfectly match each stage, making it simple for you to achieve consistently excellent results. Remember that the tint can easily be left out based on your client's desired results. Here's how it's done:

Prepare Brow Lamination Station

It's a good idea to prepare your workstation before getting started. Make sure everything you'll need for each step is ready and accessible.


Tip: Always take a photo of your client before starting! It is essential to build your result profile.

Cleanse the Skin

For dry skin, apply foam cleanser using a q-tip and leave it on for a few minutes. Apply using a q-tip. Remove the foam with a damp cotton disk. Follow up with saline pretreatment.

Apply and Remove Brow Lift 1

After the brows have dried, dispense Brow Lift 1 onto the InLei trio dish, then apply with a brush to the brows. Apply an even layer all over the brow, covering every single hair.

After processing, remove step one with a dry cotton pad. Ensure that all of the product has been removed. Before starting the shaping process, comb the eyebrows.

Create Shape

Apply glue to brows using a silicone brush, followed by the F brush. Position the brow hairs in the desired direction. Make sure strands are parallel and well separated. 

Starting with the silicone brush gives the hair a general direction without sticking them down to the skin. The F brush allows you to precisely position the hair. Use it on the tips of the strands and the tail, being careful not to push the hairs down slick against the skin.

Apply the glue to the hairs little by little as you move through the brow, perfecting the hairs' direction. If you need to adjust, add a small amount of water to the brush and reposition the hair.

Apply and Remove Brow Lock 2

Dispense Brow Lock 2 onto the InLei trio dish. Ensure all hairs come in contact with the product. Use your angled brush to apply an even layer to the brows.

After the processing time has passed, remove the glue and step 2 using a damp cotton swab. Ensure all of the product has been thoroughly removed.

Map the Brow

 Using your InLei brow threads, draw the horizontal lines indicating the bottom and height of the brow. Follow with the center of the face line. From the nostril, create your three lines to determine the arch, beginning, and end of the brow. Use your ruler to ensure the brows are symmetrical. Join up the dots to complete your map.

Tint the Brows

If your client wants bold brows, here's the best part: You can tint brows during the lamination!


Mix the dye and developer according to the instructions. Use an angled brush to apply it to your brows. The shape of your brows should be precise, so make sure you stay within the lines you have drawn.

Work the dye down to the skin, not only on the hair.

Processing time: 5.5 minutes per brow.

Remove the dye beginning at the head of the brow. After seeing the head, remove the rest if the desired results have been reached. Begin with a q-tip to remove the bulk of the product. Follow up with damp cotton pads. Keep wiping until the cotton pads come away clean.

Hair Removal

You can use InLei wax or tweezers to shape the brows. Carefully remove any hairs that lay outside your brow map—Tweeze in the direction of hair growth to avoid breakage.

Brow Bomber 3

Apply a small quantity of Brow Bomber 3 onto your InLei trio dish. Apply to the brows using a silicone brush. Leave it on for 5 minutes or allow the client to go home with it on. Give the hairs a final comb, and you are done!

Get InLei Brow Bomber

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