BB Glow: Everything You Need To Know

What is BB Glow? Everything You Need To Know BB Glow is a hot topic! Over time, the beauty industry has introduced countless procedures that make morning makeup routines a breeze. For those of us who like our eyebrows on...

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What is BB Glow? Everything You Need To Know

BB Glow is a hot topic! Over time, the beauty industry has introduced countless procedures that make morning makeup routines a breeze. For those of us who like our eyebrows on fleek, microblading is a fantastic option for a more permanent result. If you find yourself spending the majority of your morning applying the perfect cat-eye liner, you can choose to have it permanently inked onto your lids! If your battle is with gorgeously applied lipstick, there are permanent options for that as well.

All of these procedures are sure to make your mornings less stressful. But is there something missing? If there is a more permanent alternative to eyeliner, lipstick, and brow pencils, doesn’t it make sense that there should be an alternative to foundation as well? If you have found yourself searching for a more permanent fix for applying foundation, then you have come to the right place!

Advancements in the Beauty Industry

My Absolute Beauty has quickly become the industry leader in lash lifting supplies in the US, and we are always curious about what kinds of beauty procedures are being introduced to the market. After recently introducing the new line of Elleebana eyelash extensions to the US, we are actively searching for our next passion project. The burning question on our minds: What is BB Glow?

Can you imagine waking up every morning with perfectly even-toned skin? The daily ritual of covering your imperfections with pasty, pore-clogging foundations can finally come to an end! With constant advancements in the beauty industry, it is becoming more and more clear that things you thought were never possible can come into fruition. We have seen so many amazing procedures come into the market recently, and BB Glow has caught our eye!

What is BB Glow? Your Foundation Fix-All.

So, you’re still waiting to find out: What is BB Glow? You can probably guess by now that BB Glow is a semi-permanent foundation. With BB Glow treatments, you can save valuable time in your morning routine by skipping your foundation and opting for your more natural-looking, BB Glown face.

The amount of time that you have been spending every morning blending your foundation into your pores can finally come to an end. Kiss your beauty blender goodbye, and wake up to fresh looking skin every day!

What is a BB Glow Treatment?

Let’s be honest: We all struggle with uneven skin tone. It seems like an endless battle against aging, hormones, UV rays, and stress. All of these factors impact the vibrancy of our skin. Many people combat skin issues with the painstaking application of various foundations to their face every single morning. For most, applications are needed multiple times throughout the day!

Getting out of the ritual of applying foundation sounds great, right? Who wouldn’t love to save time by waking up to a face that is ready for the day? But what is a BB Glow treatment, and how does it work? Hang on to your chair, because the simple genius behind this one will blow your mind!

What is BB Glow – Have you Heard of Microneedling?

What Is BB Glow

A BB Glow treatment is the injection of a BB serum into your skin through microneedling technology. That’s right: the same method used in microneedling facials can be used to apply a BB Glow foundation!

BB Glow ampules are filled with a skin-rejuvenating formula that will have your face feeling and looking smoother than ever! Your stylist will help choose the perfect match to your skin tone and begin microneedling the pigment into your skin.

The microneedling pen uses tiny needles to create small openings in the skin for the BB Glow serum to seep into. BB Glow serum is microneedled into the skin at a very superficial depth in order to eliminate the possibility of the serum causing any adverse side effects. Because of this, the treatment is relatively pain-free, and has little to no recovery time!

At My Absolute Beauty, we understand the importance of selecting a BB glow treatment that is safe to use! Any serum that you use should be free of parabens, fragrances, alcohol, and allergens. Be sure to check with your beauty professional and ask them about the ingredients found in their formula before you book an appointment!

What BB Glow Can Do For You

A BB Glow treatment can improve your skin by clearing and unclogging your pores. BB Glow can also speed up the growth of new skin cells, making your skin healthier and brighter. With the help of a BB Glow treatment, you can get the radiant skin that you deserve!

BB Glow is designed to improve the look and feel of your skin with results that can be seen immediately following your treatment. The treatment helps improve skin tone and promotes the production of collagen. A BB Glow treatment can give you a confidence boost that will help you be comfortable in your own skin. 

Benefits of BB Glow Treatments:

  • Radiant skin
  • Less skin discoloration
  • Fewer fine lines and wrinkles
  • Fewer Freckles
  • An even skin tone
  • Increased collagen production

Advantages of BB Glow Treatments:

  • Results can be seen immediately
  • No downtime
  • Little to no pain
  • Safe for the skin
  • Treatment continues to improve skin tone for two weeks
  • Results last up to six months with routine treatments

How Long Does BB Glow Last?

BB Glow serum is microneedled into the skin at a very shallow depth. As a result, the treatment is one that needs to be maintained. It is common for new patients to have to go through a series of 2-3 treatments that are 2-6 weeks apart. With recurring treatments and proper aftercare, your BB Glow can last up to 6 months!

What is BB Glow? My Absolute Beauty’s Newest Obsession.

My Absolute Beauty has helped introduce countless beauty procedures into the US market, and we are always on the lookout for more! From our humble beginnings, we have grown to encompass everything from InLei Lash Lifting and PurHENNA Brow Henna to Everlasting Microblading Brows! We are constantly looking forward to adding new and innovative procedures to our ever-growing arsenal. 

When procedures start proving themselves to be safe and effective, My Absolute Beauty makes sure to be at the forefront of bringing those procedures to the US. We are passionate about creating a safe and reliable way for beauty professionals to gain access to supplies for performing new and imaginative procedures.

What’s Coming in 2020?

With the growing popularity of BB Glow treatments abroad and with the trickle of products making their way into the US, My Absolute Beauty is eager to dip their toes in the water. However, just like with every product that we carry, we are doing our due diligence before we jump in.

BB Glow is something that has caught My Absolute Beauty’s interest, but is it something that we will be able to share with our customers soon? Stay tuned to find out! 2020 is going to be full of exciting new adventures for My Absolute Beauty, and we hope that you join us on the journey. In the meantime, keep yourself up to date on all of the latest beauty procedure trends when you shop with us!

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The post BB Glow: Everything You Need To Know appeared first on My Absolute Beauty.

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