5 Things You Need To Know If You Want To Be A Microblading Expert

5 Things You Need To Know If You Want To Be A Microblading Expert

I think we can all say a loud and clear “Thank God the ‘90s are behind us!”. And the main reason we’re ready to forget those years are not necessarily the tracksuits, platform flip-flops and the Spice Girls (they all made pretty decent comebacks lately to be honest), but those cringeworthy, razor thin, overarched eyebrows everyone of us, celebrities included, were sporting back then.

Thankfully time ruled that fashion out and brought a true browvolution – well-defined brows have become the focal point of recent beauty trends and we value the thick and bold, precise yet natural look.

So what does one do if they haven’t really been blessed by nature with perfectly symmetrical and full eyebrows? Well they turn to Microblading, of course, and bless the heart of who invented it! That’s where you come along, the Microblading Expert – and oh, is your responsibility huge! In order for your clients to have a successful and rewarding experience and in order for you to get from simple technician to beloved expert, there are 5 major things you need to know about Microblading.

1 – Get a Microblading certification and always improve!

Microblading requires serious training, so you should be certified in order to get a reasonably large clientele to prove your work and results. We vouch by the My Absolute Beauty training classes which can be online or hands-on. Also, you can go check out our My Absolute Beauty training videos to see what to expect. And even after you get your certification, don’t forget you always need to research and improve – it’s an ever-changing field so learning never stops!

2 – Invest in quality.

We cannot stress this enough. Your clients are going to leave their eyebrows (and therefore their future social life) in the hands of one person that can make it or break it – so you want to make sure you invest in high-quality products like the ones you can find in our My Absolute Beauty Shop. Our products are produced in Germany and contain only the highest quality raw, natural ingredients. Which is why they are non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-irritating and non-phototoxic.

3 – Use a fail-proof pigment that will last long.

Why does everybody love microblading so much? Well because you don’t have to do it every 2-3 months, that why! Clients who properly do their research expect to see those salon results for months to come – that’s why we recommend the Everlasting Brows pigments which are creamy and highly durable, ensuring your strokes remain crisp and defined for up to 18 months. Our most loved tones seem to be the Lindsey (saturated caramel), the Nicole (think of Nicole Kidman – sophisticated strawberry blonde) or the Salma (inspired by Salma Hayek’s exquisite dark toffee brows).

4 – Put safety first!

Your client’s health comes first so you need to make sure the blade and needles used for your procedures are brand-new and sterile. Our Everlasting Microblading Blades are stainless steel sharp and precise – they will create hair strokes that are vivid and natural. Plus: each of these microblades comes with a batch number and expiry date and are in individual packages and are sterile. You can try our box of 20 Slanted 0.25 mm with 12 needle blades or our box of 20 Slanted 0.18 mm with 14 needle blades. We also recommend our Shading Blade Box of 20x 5 pins, to achieve manual shaded eyebrow effect, which can be used to add density, powdered effect and volume.

5 – Be smart about it!

You’re going to be spending hours and hours microblading, so you need to focus on making things easy and efficient for yourself. This is why you have to invest in an disposable tool handle. The one you’ll find on My Absolute Beauty is a disposable tool that takes any blade. Yes, that is right – you can use it with ANY BLADE AT ALL, whether it is your favourite standard blade or shading blade. Plus, it comes in a pack of 20, it’s sterile and easy to use. So go ahead and make a smart choice!

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