Everlasting Brows | WOW Pencil (White)


An efficient tool for the perfect pre-drawing on the brows

White pencils are more trending these days among eyebrow beauty treatments. They make less mess and get erased quickly after the work gets done. Everlasting Brows gives WOW pencil in white color for all the experts. 

The pack comes with 5 pencils, and each can get used for single use. After the service, you can discard the pencil or give it to the clients. It is a more hygienic way to work on different clients.

Excellent product specifications:

  • One pack contains 5 white eyebrow pencils.
  • Single-use pencil.
  • Best for pre-drawing the brow lines.

Get it now with one click on the Add to cart button and then wait for the delivery of the product. Later, you can continue the procedures effectively.

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Paula Snokhous

White Pre-Draw Pencil Pack