Everlasting Brows | Infallible Flat Shading Blades | 3x4

$36 $32

Show your master skills with the perfect Flat Shading Blades!

The shading technique in the beauty procedures needs to perform well for the highly defined results. Alone Microblading gives wispy results, while shading adds real intensity to the look. Hence, Everlasting Brows works innovatively to design the Flat Shading blades to help specialists form excellent final results.

Ombre brows can get designed phenomenally by the use of this tool. It adds a unique touch using a two-tiered design with 12 needles. 

Check out the fantastic features:

  • The order will contain a box of 20 blades.
  • It has a two-tiered design along with 12 needles.
  • Excellent flat design.
  • It helps in creating the dispersed look.

The beauty experts can perform the brow procedures with incredible Flat blades to create extreme depth. Get it now and make your customers fall in love with the astounding results.

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3 x 43 x 4