purHENNA® | Brow Henna | Tint Mixing Cup


Get ready with the perfect blend in no time

The correct results can come if the start is perfect. Similarly, if you want to color the clients’ brows, you need excellent mixes, tints and consistency. One small and sturdy container by purHENNA® is handling it effectively. 

purHENNA® Brow Henna Tint Mixing Cup gets made for holding the substance without any spill for better applications. Every lash and brow treatment needs this and smoothen the process by giving a space for all the ingredients to get mixed and stay.

Exciting Product Benefits:

  • The glass is laboratory-grade.

  • It is shatter-resistant.

  • Easily sanitizable.

  • Reusable for more treatments.

Now, all the beauty experts can professionally mix the tint for lash and brow procedures in one cup.

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