PureHenna® Brow Mapping Paste



Brow Paste Brow Paste With Brush

PureHenna® Brow Mapping Paste



Brow Paste Brow Paste With Brush
Product description

Enjoy Hassle-Free applications in the brow treatments with this brow paste

If you are looking for a product that helps map lines accurately on the brows before the treatment, then you are at the right place. We have a product specially designed for the same purpose.

There is no reason to contemplate because the purehenna® brow mapping paste helps you precisely draw the brows' sketch and smoothly start the tint application process. It sits nicely on any skin type without any reactions leading to positive results of tint application.

Perks of Using It:

  • Made from non-allergic components
  • It does not tighten or burdens the skin
  • Versatile methods to use
  • Thick cream consistency ensure no spreading 

So, are you all lined up to buy this product? Before that, it has options to check out, such as without a brush and with a brush. Select your desires and make your purchase now!

Instructions for use:

  • There are two ways to work with white brow paste.
  • The first way is to spread the paste with a wide brush over the shape of the eyebrows.
  • The second way is to make detailed markings with a fine brush.

Remember that the sketch must be applied as neatly as possible, especially before coloring, since any henna that gets on the paste won’t color either the skin or the eyebrows.

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