purHENNA® | Brow Henna Poster(1-3)

$5 – $11

Looking for the perfect solution for your brow treatments? Introducing purHENNA® products, the ultimate solution for natural and long-lasting results. Our products are perfect for those seeking eyebrow services, eyelash services, and lash services.

Whether you're looking to enhance your natural eyebrows, create bold and thick eyebrows, or simply maintain the shape of your brows, purHENNA® has you covered. Our products are designed to promote eyebrow growth and provide results that can last up to 6 weeks.

Not only are purHENNA® products a great alternative to permanent makeup, they are also a healthier choice for your eyebrows and lashes. So why wait? Start showcasing the benefits of purHENNA® products in your clinic with our specially designed posters. Attract more clientele and provide valuable information to your customers with just one sheet of paper.

Some of the incredible benefits of purHENNA® products include:

  • Promotes eyebrow growth
  • Maintains desired shape of brows
  • Results that last up to 6 weeks
  • The best alternative for permanent makeup

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