purHENNA® | Brow Henna Poster(1-3)

$5 – $11

The posters will convince the clients for healthier eyebrow treatments!

The most fruitful brow procedures are possible with a collection of purHENNA® products. With the fast chemical cosmetics available in the market, convincing people for an all-natural treatment is pretty tricky. But, posters with beautifully long-lasting results can work for beauty professionals.

Order the purHENNA® Brow Henna Posters and showcase them in your clinic. It will provide the display with all the benefits of purHENNA® products that rejuvenate the brows effortlessly. So, attract more clientele with valuable information on one sheet of paper.

Incredible benefits mentioned in the poster are:

  • It promotes eyebrow growth.
  • It maintains the desired shape of the brows.
  • Results that stay up to 6 weeks.
  • The best alternative for permanent makeup.

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