purHENNA® | Brow Henna | Light Brown


Correcting the brow color with a natural touch

The right color matters to the clients, and the proper color treatments with care mean to the beauty professionals. It is the way that builds trust and a strong relationship between them and the customers. From now on, do it better with a purHENNA® Brow Henna in Light Brown.

The best part is that it comes with more than one blessing for the hair. The special one is the nourishment and perfect growth of the brows. Nowadays, people look out for coloring options that are less in chemicals and have more beneficial effects on the skin and strengthen the hair. Guess What! This Brow Henna for Light Brown tint does both effortlessly.


Let’s go through some tremendous benefits:

  • 100 applications with a single bottle are possible.
  • The formulation is safe and gentle on the skin.
  • Coloring results will last up to 6 weeks.
  • The unique Tattoo effect remains for 2 weeks.
  • Free from ammonia and Hydrogen Peroxide.
  • 100% cruelty-free and vegan.

Later the treatment gets completed, the purHENNA® tinting process will protect the hair and create the smoothening for the hair imperfections to maintain thicker and softer eyebrows.

In approximately 20 minutes, the Brow Henna process takes place and then it is the add-on service for the lash lift and hair coloring. So, serve the clients with excellently defined eyebrows.

*Henna is a natural-based eyebrow tint for hair - so we can not guarantee skin stain results on all skin types. Results can also vary from 2 - 14 days depending on skin type and color used.

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Purrfect Ink Studio
Amazing products

Initially there was logistic issues, however they wasted no time and sent a replacement. Customer service staff exceeded my expectations. Products packaged nicely, great quality. Used on a few clients and no adverse reactions and great color retention.

denisse STA005513 cedillo

Love it