Everlasting Brows | PUCCI Lip Pigment


A pigment for the Light pink color lips for your esteemed clients!

While performing the lip treatment, a high-quality pigment is essential. The PUCCI Lip Pigment from Everlasting Brows will effectively help the professionals work on the clients’ lips. The people mainly request the lighter pink, which is easy to do now.

The best characteristic of this pigment is that you can use it either alone or with others. You can also mix it with the DIOR to make the warmer tone excellently. The results will be satisfying and make your clients happy.

Here are some reasons to pick this pigment:

  • One bottle comes with 10ml.
  • Rich with the light pink tint.
  • High in quality.
  • Use alone or with others.

Let your customers get the best experience from your treatment with a quality pigment from Everlasting Brows.

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