Everlasting Brows | Feel Better Now! | Topical Anesthetic Gel


Save the clients from pain and irritations quickly

Beauty treatments come with some pain, and no one can deny it. BUT!! The appointments with the professionals can become easy and less painful with the magical gel. It’s “Feel Better Now!” a topical anesthetic gel.  

The results are satisfying and numb the skin for non-irritating applications. You will be surprised to know that the treatments hurt during the process and sometimes even after. 

However, this anesthetic gel has all the abilities to prevent the clients of beauty experts from the irritations and unwanted swelling fast. 

Let’s move on with the following product specifications:

  • Instant relief from pain while in contact.
  • It is a topical anesthetic.
  • It contains 5% of Lidocaine.

An easy-going procedure is the one that fits for the client to stay till the duration comfortably. Including this, the tools used on the skin must be good in quality.

Hence, see Everlasting Brows Microblading Blades and Everlasting Brows Nano Blades.

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