Everlasting Brows | Pre-Drawing Eyebrow Pencil

$6 – $7

Get ready to do the beauty treatments with mapping brows before!

Before permanenting the work, it is better to get a rough idea before applying the steps of the beauty treatments. When it comes to dealing with the brows, a tool that draws the picture accurately for you and shows it to the client is easy.

Everlasting Brows has the Pre-Drawing Eyebrow Pencil in its product list. The pencil will help the beauty professionals make the correct lines with perfect measurements. In this way, you can get approval from the clients to move forward with the thickness and length.

It is easy to draw lines and erase them in case of any mistake.Let’s move on to the advantages we will get with the eyebrow pencil:

  • It can get used as a filler.
  • It gives the idea of the final result to the clients at the starting.
  • It is non-irritating on the skin.
  • 100% mineral-based.
  • **Black pencils have an expiration date.

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