Everlasting Brows | Brow Mapping Threads


Easy Brow Mapping with the Pre-colored threads!

Brow mapping is the step before doing the Brow bomber or tint treatments. The mapping process goes like cutting the thread and then manually putting it into the color. Another simple and easy way is to get the pre-colored Brow mapping threads from Everlasting Brows.

The threads are already dipped in red-orange tint to mark the distinct lines on the forehead for guidance to the complete treatments. It will make the mapping easier with the fast drawing of the precise lines.

Follow the plus-points:

  • One pack comes in 10 threads.
  • Pre-dipped threads.
  • Fasten the brow mapping.
  • It is waterproof.

All the makeup experts can buy these high-quality threads and quickly do the mapping for better results in the end.

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