Everlasting Brows | NICOLE Microblading Pigment


Everlasting Brows | NICOLE Microblading Pigment

Product description

Get the rich Strawberry Blonde Pigment with high-quality!

The color gets selected by the clients while being a specialist; the choice of quality pigment is yours. Outcomes that stay longer without fading are now possible with the range of Everlasting Brows pigments.

A unique tint that will add variety to your collection is the NICOLE Microblading pigment by Everlasting Brows. The product provides commendable results every time, both on the skin and hair. It is excellent to make a deep strawberry blonde for your clients.

Get to know spectacular product features:

  • One bottle comes with 10ml pigment.
  • The non-drip formula is best for the crisp strokes.
  • It gives actual color.
  • The results last up to 1-3 years.

Every pigment of Everlasting Brows works well alone and can also get mixed with others to make the requested color by the customers.

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