Everlasting Brows | NAOMI Microblading Pigment


Get the more profound results with Everlasting Brows NAOMI pigment

A beauty professional handles every client with different skin tones. Microblading on the lips with medium to darker tint needs separate pigment from people with lighter shades. "Everlasting Brows" is a well-known brand offering the NAOMI, a lip pigment for Microblading that can serve the people with beetroot red or some purple undertones with the lips.

Now, you can make your clients happy every time they come for the Microblading procedure for their lips. It gives deeper and richer results that stay for a long duration.

Significant Product Features:

  • It heals true to the color

  • The pigment is high in quality

  • It is non-toxic

  • Best Part: No modifier required

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