Everlasting Brows | Medical Stainless Steel cartridges (Mini)


Revitalize the skin with the right tools!

Many permanent or semi-permanent makeup procedures help in younger-looking results. Mesotherapy is also one of the best beauty treatments that beautifully rejuvenate facial skin. 

One essential element that makes the process possible is the cartridge. Everlasting Brows has the most durable and efficient Medical Stainless Steel Mini Cartridges that will allow the makeup experts to do the Mesotherapy effectively.

The benefits that come with the product are:

  • It helps in achieving the desired results.

  • One pack contains 10 cartridges.

  • Made of Stainless steel.

  • It best fits with our mini PMU device.

*Single Use Only.

The specialists must have these well-designed cartridges in their collection to never be out of stock while an urgent demand from the client comes.

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