Everlasting Brows | PMU Device Cartridges (Mini)


Pick the right cartridge fit for your clients’ beauty treatments

The PMU devices work by using the cartridges containing the product that needs to be applied. Beauty professionals can get mini cartridges for their equipment from Everlasting Brows.

These work for the procedures that need the substance to get applied on the lips, brows, or eyes. The blades do not require strenuous efforts to control and help perform the fine detailed work. So, it is no more difficult for the experts to make clear and concise strokes. 

Note the excellent characteristics:

  • It consists of sterile stainless steel blades.
  • Easy to control during the treatments.
  • 10 cartridges per pack.
  • It is available in different models like 1 round, 5 round, 5 flat, and 3 round.

All the experts can select the cartridge according to their clients’ needs and continue to do the work precisely. Wait, and do not forget to see some other helpful products below.

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5 pointer ROUND - 10 pack5 pointer ROUND - 10 pack
3 pointer ROUND - 10 pack3 pointer ROUND - 10 pack
1 pointer ROUND - 10 pack1 pointer ROUND - 10 pack
5 pointer FLAT - 10 pack5 pointer FLAT - 10 pack
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5 pointer round - 10 pack, 3 pointer round - 10 pack, 1 pointer round - 10 pack, 5 pointer flat - 10 pack