Micro Brushes For Everlasting Brows

$10 $8

Twinkle the eyes with added definition

All the face features get done. But!! Are you still looking for a tool that can add more meaning to pretty eyes? Beauty experts can understand the value of quality brushes when they do the makeup procedures. Micro Brushes for Everlasting Brows can define the eyes that transform into the more attractive ones. The best part is the level of correction they provide to the lashes after one go.

The micro brush is a tool that works with precision work and gives the accurate touch that the clients want from the professionals. The people involved in semi-permanent makeup treatments can easily use the brushes to correct the lashes with complete control.

Bonus advantages with the micro brushes:

  • 100 brushes per pack.
  • Use for lash and brow lifting/tinting.
  • Disposable.
  • Precise and accurate results.

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