InLei® | Informational Aftercare Flyer


Take good care of the clients during and after the treatments

The attention during the Lash and Brow treatment is necessary, but complete care is also crucial after the sessions. While using the quality product from InLei® then, you should also have the flyers all about the aftercare instructions.

We are providing essential information that beauty professionals can share with their clients. It involves the instructions related to InLei® Lash Lift & Filler treatment with the Brow Bomber process. In this way, you can save your time by just handing over the flyers at the end of the complete procedure.

Product Specifications:

  • Order contains 50ct.
  • It includes all the information about aftercare.
  • It covers both Lash(Lift & Filler) and Brow Bomber instructions.

Spread the information with flyers to save your clients from damaging their new results after successful beauty procedures.

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