InLei FRANCISCO Professional Multifunction Cat Tongue Brush


InLei FRANCISCO Professional Multifunction Cat Tongue Brush

Product description

The InLei® FRANCISCO brush, also known as the "multitasking" brush, is a true professional's secret weapon. Developed in collaboration with a historic Italian brush manufacturer, it's designed to shine in various situations. Whether you need to clean the lash line or insert Filler3 into thicker hairs, this brush has got you covered. But where it truly excels is in helping you achieve impeccable tinting precision. It defines, corrects, and aligns edges like no other brush can!

Quality: Crafted with precision in Italy, this brush is a testament to excellence.

Water and Disinfection Resistant: Built to withstand water and disinfection without compromising its quality.

Fine, Durable Tip: Designed for long-lasting wear, balanced softness, color retention, and elasticity.

Soft Bristles for True Artistry: Perfect for meticulous work.

Plum-Colored Synthetic Bristles: Ensure even product distribution without unnecessary absorption.

Innovative Satin Black Wooden Handle: Crafted from birch wood, it adds a touch of sophistication.

Nickel-Plated Brass Ring with Double Crimping: Ensuring both durability and precision.

Lightweight, Practical, and Durable: This brush is built to last.

Ergonomically Designed: Its dimensions provide maximum comfort and precision.

Contents: 1 brush

Usage Tips: A multifunctional brush, excellent for applying Filler 3 and for the final cleansing touch.

Elevate your artistry with the InLei FRANCISCO Professional Multifunction Cat Tongue Brush. Crafted with Italian precision and designed for artists who demand excellence. Unlock the potential of your artistry today!

Customer Reviews

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Adriana Viana
Cat tongue brush

Amazing brush! Makes easy to work

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