InLei® | Soft Peeling (Exfoliating Cleanser)


Cleanse the skin profoundly and prep it for the desired beauty treatments!

The face's surface should get cleaned entirely before applying any product for permanent or semi-permanent treatments. InLei® worked on the concern and formed a great solution called Soft Peeling. It simply clears the impurities and readies the skin to absorb various products.

 The exfoliation it gives to your client's skin is noteworthy and hydrates along with it. If you want to know more, continue the reading.

Several quality ingredients of the Soft Peeling:

  • Phytosqualane present in Olive Oil.
  • Granules of Hydrogenated Jojoba oil.
  • Micro grains of the walnut and hazelnut shells.
  • Vitamin E with antioxidant properties.
  • Shea Butter is good with softening qualities.

The gentle formula of Soft Peeling clears the following:

  • Dead skin while exfoliating.
  • Makeup remnants.
  • Extra sebum.

Directions to use:

  • Take a small amount of the product.
  • Apply to facial skin, brow bone, or decollete region.
  • Perform the circular movements gently for around 15 seconds.
  • In the end, either rinse with water or use a soft cotton ball to remove it.

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