InLei® | Sensitive WAX


As a professional, you understand the importance of delivering top-quality waxing services to your clients. That's why InLei® Sensitive WAX has been created, specifically designed to gently and effectively remove facial hair while keeping your client's sensitive skin in mind.

Unlike traditional waxes that can be harsh and irritating on the face, InLei® Sensitive WAX is made with a soft touch in mind. It smoothly and sensitively removes facial hair, leaving your client with a smooth and flawless finish.

Our wax is perfect for use on delicate areas of the face, making it a must-have for your waxing toolkit. 

Your clients will love the gentle and effective results of InLei® Sensitive WAX. Make it a staple in your waxing services and watch your business thrive.

Important Information about the wax: 

  • It is for the delicate areas of the face.

  • Please keep it away from direct sunlight or heat.

  • Store in a cool and dry place.

Directions to use: 

  • Preheat the wax at 122°F degrees.
  • Clean the region you want to wax and then wait for it to dry.
  • Pick a small amount with a spatula and apply it to check the temperature first.
  • Afterward, apply the wax on the area to get treated and wait for it to get hard.
  • Then peel it off gently in a decisive motion.
  • Repeat it for other sections also.
  • In the end, moisturize the skin for smoothness.

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Customer Reviews

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DeeLisa Sacco
Great for Brows & Face

Wonderfully gentle but thorough

Love this!

I love this wax as an alternative for my clients who usually love threading!