InLei® | Black Pads


Keep everything in one place and perform the beauty treatments professionally!

The experts know how irritating it is to deal with eye patches that don't stick correctly. It affects the process while loosening and falls from the clients' skin. Lash treatments need pads that strictly hold the skin in one place and let the professionals continue smoothly. 

InLei® Black Pads are the solution for all the makeup treatments for the eyes. It could be permanent or semi-permanent, and the black pad made of silicone will help do the work without any disturbance. So, go for the cooperative eye patches that stick better.

Reasons to choose:

  • Made of reusable silicone.

  • It is latex-free.

  • It is suitable for autoclave sterilization.

  • Color: Classic Black.

It can get used on any skin type and allows you to see every hair. Now, the beauty experts can perfectly follow the treatment with skin in the correct place using the Black Pads.

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