InLei® | Mr. Stick (Mixing Spatula 12pcs)


A tool for improved mixing and Lash/Brow Treatments!

You may have the best makeup products in the market, but do you have the proper mixing tool? Equipment that helps in mixing as well as the applications of the products. InLei® Mr. Stick is available to provide professional mixing. 

The spatulas help combine two or more products and apply them during the Lash Filling and Brow Bomber procedures. Let us know more about the splendid product features:

  • One box contains 12 white plastic mixing spatulas.
  • The right tool to mix the tints and Henna.
  • Definite shape to pick the products from bottles.
  • Safe usage.

*The material gets used to form the Mr. Stick spatulas that do not react with the chemical products. Make sure you should not let your mixtures stay longer on the metal. 

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Customer Reviews

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Jessica Vidales
Versatile and necessary!

I love these sticks! Scooping out products, mixing tint, you name it!