InLei® Black Mapping Thread


A must-have item for the eyebrow technicians!

The beauty experts know that holding two tools for one job is quite a jumble experience. Switching one from another frequently is irritating. InLei® understands this better and offers an excellent product for brow treatments.

InLei® Black Mapping Thread is a two-in-one thread that marks the thin lines that are helpful for the procedures effectively. With the soft black in the color thread, you do not need to carry a pencil with this thread.

It simultaneously measures and draws the lines for the effortless mapping before starting the actual brow treatment.

Here are some unique advantages:

  • The thread is thinner.

  • The results are more precise.

  • It gives an accurate pre-penciled look.

  • It saves time.

All you need to do is cut the thread in the size you want and start drawing the lines on the forehead of your clients– no need for a pencil at all!

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