InLei® | Black Mapping Thread


The InLei® Black Mapping Thread is an essential tool for eyebrow-shaping services. It allows you to create precise, accurate lines for your brow treatments, saving time and hassle. With this thread, you can easily map out the perfect shape for your clients, whether they want bold, thick eyebrows or a more natural look.

Here are some key features of the InLei® Black Mapping Thread:

  • Thin, soft black thread
  • Draws precise lines for eyebrow shaping and lash services
  • Gives a pre-penciled look without the need for a separate pencil
  • Saves time by allowing you to map out the perfect shape in one step

Whether you're a professional makeup artist or simply love doing your own eyebrows at home, the InLei® Black Mapping Thread is a must-have item. It's perfect for creating a wide range of eyebrow shapes, from bold and dramatic to subtle and natural. So why wait? Add it to your makeup bag today and take your eyebrow shaping to the next level!

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