InLei® | Lash Filler (Sample Pack)


InLei® | Lash Filler (Sample Pack)

Product description

    Fill every gap in the beautiful eyelashes with all the nutrition

    Try the sample pack of InLei® Lash Filler and see the unbelievable difference in the eyelashes of your clients.

    Most people who want beauty treatments fall for the thick lashes first and then go to the professionals. The best way to satisfy the customer is to provide them with benefits that will last longer with nourishment. So, priority is the solution to add the desired volume to the lashes.

    InLei® Lash Filler (Sample Pack) is all about filling those little gaps between the lash hair. The results stay for a more extended period and help maintain the strength and thickness.

    Read the exciting qualities:

    • Clinically proven to thicken the lashes by 24%.

    • Nourish and strengthen the lash hair.

    • Best for a lash lift and fill treatments.

    • Recommendation to apply: 2-4 sessions in 3-5 weeks.

    • The results last up to 7 months.

    With this valuable beauty product, check InLei® Fixing Gel and Brow mapping pencil and sharpener.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Manan Ghazaryan
    Thank you

    I am very pleased with the delivery and product

    Lauren Cornejo

    This lash lift product was amazing! Loved that the formula was creamy and thick not watery and messy. The lift was perfect and had no issues.


    Thank you so much 😍

    Shera Simmerman

    I am so happy with the lash shields, they are the best…..and I’ve tried several!

    Courtney Mills
    My new favorite Lash Lift Product

    I have been an Esthetician/ Pro Makeup Artist for over 22 years. I started doing Lash Lifts YEARS ago, when they were called Lash Perms. Needless to say, I have used and tried just about every Lash Lifting product on the market. I am always searching for the best products to use on my clients. I recently started to see alot of videos online, of other Esthetician's using InLei Lash Lift & Filler. I loved the look of the results that people wear having and how healthy and strong their clients lashes looked, even after a treatment. So, I decided to order the InLei Lash Lift and Filler Sample Pack, to try it out for myself. Im SO glad I did!! I have finally found the holy grail of Lash Lifting Products. My results were amazing and my clients lashes looked beautiful. I really noticed a difference in the thickness of each eyelash hair. I also liked how nicely the lashes looked as they grew out. If you are on the hunt for a great Lash Lifting product, I highly recommend giving InLei a try. I will now be ordering their entire line.

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