InLei® | Brow Lamination Treatment Guide (Free Download)


Follow the steps correctly and get the results right

Every process has some steps that need to get completed for accurate results. All the professionals in the beauty industry go for the proper steps of procedures to achieve the desired results. Same with the case of Brow Bomber Lamination Treatment!

InLei® is giving a free service reference card, helpful for the brow bomber lamination. Download it and share it with the apprentices for learning better.

It includes the following 6 steps in brief:

  1. Prep the brows.

  2. Use InLei® “Brow Lift 1” (perm).

  3. Shape & Fix the brows into the desired shape.

  4. Positioning InLei® “Brow Black 2.”

  5. Tinting the brows.

  6. InLei® Brow Bomber Step 3-The Magic Potion.

The reference card has elaborated each step concisely to help everyone remember the correct course of action every time.

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Customer Reviews

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Lynda Schoonhoven
Gentle & Effective

What I like and appreciate about InLei Brow Lamination:
No glue, or impossible instructions (ex: avoid ends of brows-as if!) The careful use of wateryssline solution kit freaks me out to use any chemical without rinsing it off skin) and the use of a condition treatment as part of the service!
I've tried several brands, all effective, but InLie leaves the brows looking and feeling soft and beautiful.