InLei® Helper Tool (Lash Lifting & Filling)

$5 – $23

Achieve Those Finely Shaped Lashes Instantly

Crafting beautiful, extended, and adequately shaped lashes for clients can be a real hassle. Not anymore! The lash filling treatments are there to perform and attain the desired results. 

Many tools are required to perform the procedure correctly, and InLei® Lash Lifting & Filler Tool is one of those. It plays a vital role after the lash filling service. It gets used to straightening the lashes smoothly for better results. 

So, what's stopping you from getting this product now and making your clients' lashes stand out. Their silicone body aligns well with the natural lashes, causing no issues while extending them.

Edges of Lash Lifting Comb:

  • The right choice for disinfection 

  • Comfortable 'S' Shape is easy to hold and use

  • Get aligned with the shape of the lashes 

  • Revolutionary product precisely made for a lash lifting procedure

  • It brings in the significant results

  • Precisely separates each lash to obtain perfect results 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Crystal Barajas
Best lash lift comb!!!

Omg,,,, this is a MUST HAVE!!! It separates the lashes to PERFECTION ❤️

Yisela Roebuck

Everything Good!!!