InLei® | Lash Filler | FIX 2 (4ml Bottle)


InLei® | Lash Filler | FIX 2 (4ml Bottle)

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Hey there! Check out the upgraded InLei® 25.9 System, now available at the same price! Enjoy all the benefits of our trusted lash care steps with the added advantages of Step 3 and Step 4 for even more amazing results.

Step 1 and Step 2 have stayed the same:

Explore the complete system and see the exceptional results of InLei® lash care for yourself!

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As a professional Lash Lift and Brow Lamination Artist, you know the importance of using high-quality products to achieve the best results for your clients. That's why you need InLei® lash filler FIX 2 in your lash lift kit. This essential product:

  • Continues the nourishment of the lashes as it sets the desired curl in place as the second step in the InLei® lash filler system
  • Neutralizes and secures the curvature of the lashes with silicone curlers
  • Is made in Italy and comes in a convenient, hygienic packaging to prevent contamination
  • Is a clinically proven formula for professional use only

After applying InLei® LASH FORM 1, use InLei LASH FIX 2 to enhance the natural beauty of your client's lashes. The final step in the system is InLei® LASH FILL 3, which helps to nourish and build longer, thicker natural lashes. Together, these three products work to create healthier, more luscious lashes that your clients will love.

Don't miss out on the benefits of using InLei® lash filler - stock up on this professional-grade system today and see the difference in results and lash health for yourself. Trust InLei® to provide high-quality products that will help you achieve the best results in your lash lift treatments.

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Shelley Clark
Love!! ♥️

I love all the InLei products! ♥️ So easy to work with and consistent results every time!

Lash Lift

Great product, great results and easy to use.

Cyndie Witthuhn

InLei® | Lash Filler | FIX 2 (4ml Bottle)

Veronica Denney

The best

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